Easiest Way to Use a Wood Router

Almost every woodworker consider wood router as an important tool in their shop. This versatile took can shape decorative edges, cut slots and grooves, create different types of moldings, rout delicate inlays, create raised panels, cut plastic laminate, carve signs, and what not. A wood router can do much more than you could ever imagine. Woodworkers know its importance in the tool kit, but most of the common people do not the right process to use a wood router. It happens because they do not know much about this incredible product. This article will let you know about a wood router, and you can take advantage of this versatile power tool.

About wood router?

The rotary tool that cut a piece of wood in different shapes. Most of the wood router comes with altered between different bases for diversity in a single motor. Wood routers are divided into two major categories including plunge base and fixed base. The bit is in a fixed position in the fixed base router while it can be plunged in and out of the material in the plunge base wood router.

Process of using a wood router

You will find different models of wood routers, and the process of operating a wood router varies from model to model. You will even find a wood router with a stopper block for storing three settings at once. Such wood router is the most efficient ones as it saves most of your time when you do routing at different depths. You can use a wood router by following the process listed below:

Ø Step 1: Insert a bit

A wood router comes with different cutting bits, but edge and groove bit are the most common ones. If you need some additional bit, you can get it separately. The first thing that you have to do is to insert a bit into the collet of the wood router before plugging it. You will find some wood routers with a protective guard that will protect you from the flying debris. If it does not come with a protective guard, then you must wear a dust mask and safety goggles to shield yourself.

Ø Step 2: Fix the collet nut tightly

Once you insert the required bit, tighten the collet nut with the help of the two wrenches that come with the wood router. It is necessary to tighten the collet nut so that the bit stays in its place when you use the wood router.

Ø Step 3: Set the right depth for the bit

Before you start routing, you have to set the initial depth for the bit. For this purpose, place your router on a flat surface and unlock the lever. Adjust the bit until it touches the surface. Then tighten the lock lever again.

Ø Step 4: Adjust the depth of the cut

At this step, you have to set the depth stopper according to the depth of the cut that you want to make on a piece of wood. You have to loosen the lock lever so that you can lift the router easily.

Ø Step 5: Initiate routing

After setting the depth of the cut, you can start the router. Allow this router to reach its full speed so that you can easily cut a piece of wood. After adjusting its speed, press on the handles of the router to lower the bit until it reaches the surface of the wood. You have to move the wood router across a piece of wood with its base sitting on the surface of the wood. You can change the speed of the router according to the hardness of the wood and the cut’s depth. If you want to cut a straight line accurately, then you may require a fence to direct the router bit. You have to attach this fence to the base plate of the router. This bit must come in contact with the edge as the router moves over the surface of the wood.

Bottom Line

If you have a wood router and you know the right way to use a wood router, then you have saved your budgeting from getting many home accessories like a cutting board, wooden tool box, serving tray, book stand and what not. A beautifully created wood item is always enticing for your guests. A wood router is a necessary item of your tool kit if you want some versatile wood accessories at your home.

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