Essential Checklist for Routine HVAC Maintenance



Heating and air conditioning are common luxuries that people often take for granted until they stop working. Investing in routine HVAC maintenance in Denver can help prevent expensive damage that might occur if a problem goes unchecked. It can also help save energy costs by keeping the system running efficiently.

Preventative maintenance should be performed by a professional twice a year. Fall and spring are the best times to make maintenance appointments while the system is in between the heavy usage periods of summer and winter. There are standard tasks involved in the inspection, and a good contractor will check both indoor and outdoor equipment.

Indoor Equipment

There is more to indoor HVAC maintenance than just changing the air filter every 1-3 months. While HVAC contractors in Denver can show you how to check your own air filter if you do not know how to do so, most maintenance is best left to the professionals. The condensate drain and related equipment must be checked to avoid clogs and thus prevent water damage to your building. The ductwork must be cleared and evaporator coils must be cleaned to ensure that the system continues to run efficiently. HVAC maintenance in Denver includes checking the ignition system and control box to ensure that the system is operating safely and that none of the wiring has been damaged. The combustion blower housing and blower assembly must be maintained to make sure that your system is getting proper air flow. These are just a few of the indoor maintenance services you can expect from contractors such as Grand Home Services LLC during your regular inspection.

Outdoor Equipment

Much of the outdoor maintenance mirrors the upkeep of the indoor components. The outdoor cabinet accumulates dirt and debris and needs to be cleaned regularly. Your contractor can make sure that the base pan drain opening is clear, allowing for proper drainage. A maintenance visit also includes an inspection of the outdoor control box to check all the wiring and connections for wear or damage, discovering any need for replacement or repair so that the system can up to safety codes.  Fan blades and motor should be checked for damage and wear as well and, if necessary, lubricated to keep it running well. Finally, the refrigerant level should be checked and topped off if it is below what it needs to be to prolong the system’s life. HVAC contractors in Denver can give your outdoor unit the thorough inspection it needs to operate safely and efficiently.

Maintenance Prevents Expensive Repair

In order for your heating and cooling system to continue performing well, it needs routine maintenance. Making an appointment for HVAC maintenance in Denver twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, can prevent expensive damage control down the line. In addition to making sure that your system is safe and does not need any repairs, cleaning the system and clearing out the ducts and drainage equipment can also keep it running efficiently and lower your utility costs. A well-maintained HVAC system can save you money and give you peace of mind.

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